Having a plan for your career is more than a plan for just one job. Understanding what your natural abilities are can help you craft a career path that affords you the flexibility to apply your ability set to a range of employment scenarios.  You can have the confidence to discern when new employment opportunities are good matches for you. Creating a personal and professional vision statement also helps to guide you along your chosen career path.



Developing a
Career Path

Charting your way

There are a number of natural transition points that we encounter along a career development path.  Understanding what those transitions are and how to navigate them will help make our career path less of a challenge.

Career Advancement Strategies

making the right moves

Developing and executing a plan about how to advance professionally should begin with seeking to understand what your natural abilities are.  

This will help you to determine the direction that might be best for you to pursue and the necessary steps you need to take to achieve your goals.  The Highlands Ability Personal Profile is a useful resource in helping navigate this.

Honing Personal Vision

A vision for work & life

The Highlands 8 week self paced Personal Vision Development Program is an incredible way to think through and develop your personal vision.  

This serves as a guide for crafting your personal and professional path for the future. However, at each transition point on your personal and professional journey, it would be helpful to review and tweak your vision statement.