Businesses of all sizes benefit from teams who are self-aware and optimized for working together to meet common goals. They benefit from having leaders with a keen understanding of their leadership style, as well as managers who are not only self aware, but are able to recognize potential conflicts among those they lead and manage.  These enhance overall effectiveness and success of the company.




Working as a unit

Team members who understand what their natural abilities are, how they communicate and problem solve, will be able to function more effectively as part of a team.  

Leaders who understand the natural abilities of each team member are able to position each member on the team in a manner that minimizes frustration and a sense of inadequacy, increases efficiency, and fosters a heightened sense of accomplishment for individuals, the team and the company.  

Intentionality in team building leads to greater cohesiveness and increased productivity. The Highlands Ability Battery is an excellent tool for facilitating this.

Leadership Development

Learning to lead

Leaders who understand themselves personally, their preferred leadership style and its impact, their challenges as leaders, and who have a working knowledge of leadership patterns in general, are likely to be more effective leaders.  

An organization that is intentional about creating a leadership development program, potentially has a strong leadership team that is able to work collaboratively to benefit individuals and the organization.

The Highlands Ability Battery provides the opportunity for organizations and businesses to develop effective leaders and administrative teams.

Successful Management

Getting the most from your Team

People and project management will both be more effective with strategic placement based on ability sets.  Misplacing individuals may result in unintended consequences, unwittingly causing harm to staff, administration and the company.  

Companies or businesses that understand their employees and what they bring to the table, and workers who understand themselves, enhance the possibility of having the right person in the right position, with more effective results.

The Highlands Ability Battery helps individuals to understand their natural abilities, an important step in self management as well as effective management in organizations.





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