Developing a personal mission statement is one of the most difficult and important things you can do in your life. This doesn’t mean planning every little detail of your next ten or twenty years, but crafting a vision with a strong core, that’s flexible enough to weather life’s ups and downs will serve you well at any stage of life.




Crafting your mission

Highlands offers an 8 week self paced Personal Vision Development Program.  After taking the basic Highlands Personal Profile test, participants complete a series of exercises designed to help develop a personal vision statement.  

This provides a useful compass for navigating both personal and professional transitions throughout life.


bouncing back

Resilience is the most vital ability you can develop in work and live. One of the strengths of the Highlands Program is that it helps individuals identify areas of challenge, along with natural abilities.  

The program goes one step further and makes concrete recommendations for compensating for those areas that might prevent the individual from succeeding.  This helps to foster resilience when there are challenges that need to be overcome.


& Following through

Goal setting is an important, often misunderstood, step for succeeding.  As your coach, we will work together to set clear, realistic measurable goals, with the option to make adjustments as we progress.  Developing self awareness will help you to recognize what may be potential hurdles that you can then work to overcome.


Courses & Testing for Individuals