Coaching, Ability-testing, and Consulting for

Students, Individuals, Professionals, and Businesses.





High school, College, & Post-Grad

High School and College are some of the most meaningful times to discover your natural abilities and develop strategies for offsetting challenges. My program for students includes identifying your learning profile, college and career planning and developing learning strategies to help you make the most of your time in education.


distilling your personal Vision

Developing a personal mission statement is one of the most difficult and important things you can do in your life. This doesn’t mean planning every little detail of your next ten or twenty years, but crafting a vision with a strong core, that’s flexible enough to weather life’s ups and downs will serve you well at any stage of life.


Developing a career path

Having a plan for your career is more than a plan for just one job. Understanding what your natural abilities are can help you craft a career path that affords you the flexibility to apply your ability set to a range of employment scenarios.  You can have the confidence to discern when new employment opportunities are good matches for you. Creating a personal and professional vision statement also helps to guide you along your chosen career path.


Team building & leadership development

Businesses of all sizes benefit from teams who are self-aware and optimized for working together to meet common goals.  Leaders who understand the natural abilities of each team member are able to position each member on the team in a manner that minimizes frustration and a sense of inadequacy, increases efficiency, and fosters a heightened sense of accomplishment for individuals, the team and the company.  Intentionality in team building leads to greater cohesiveness and increased productivity.